• Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long does grooming take?

      Grooming appointments for the majority of dogs are booked for 2 hours but this depends on the condition of coat and temperament of the dog. Large breed dogs or dogs requiring stripping can take longer. All dogs are assessed on arrival.

    • How often does my dog need grooming?

      We recommend every 6-12 weeks between grooms depending on breed and style. For example Bichons and Poodles 6-8 weeks Wire coated dogs 10-12 weeks Lhasa Apsos and Spaniels every 8-12 weeks depending on coat condition.

    • Does my dog need to be clipped or stripped?

      Stripping is breed dependent, usually done on wire coated dogs, terrier's such as a Cairn, Border or Lakeland for example and can take up to twice as long as a standard groom.

    • Do you use cabinet or cage dryers?

      No we don't use cabinet or cage dryers at all we use warm hair dryers for your pets.

    • Is there anything I need to do before coming in for a grooming appointment?

      There are a number of things to take in to account before coming in:
      Your dog should arrive with a collar and lead.
      Please ensure your dog is toileted before arriving for your appointment.
      All dogs should have there vaccinations up to date.
      If your dog as any skin irritation or special needs, lumps or warts please inform us on arrival.
      Dogs with fleas will not be groomed until flea free

    • What age can I bring puppy in for grooming?

      Your puppy can have a free orientation visit any time after it as finished its vaccinations. Getting it used to the smells and sounds of a groomers is the best start for a puppy in a relaxed enviroment.