• Nail Cutting

  • Nail cutting for all breeds

  • Dogs that are walked on pavements or other hard surfaces often are able to wear down their nails. However, many dogs either spend most of their time indoors or running around on grassy surfaces. This means that their nail tips aren’t worn down regularly, which can lead to overly long nails. Also dew claws need cutting most dogs have front ones some dogs also have rear dew claws

    Nails that are too long are at risk of being torn off, such as if your dog’s nail gets caught on a piece of carpeting or furniture. This can result in an injury that might require veterinary care if it’s serious enough. Longer dog nails also make it harder for dogs to walk around comfortably. When your dog’s nails hit the floor constantly as it walks, this can put more pressure on the nail bed. This pressure can cause discomfort that forces your dog to distribute its weight differently while it walks, which can affect the way its toe and paw joints are aligned.